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Ezra Levant Show (Oct 30 2019) Media quiet about Quebec's immigrant values test

Season 1 • 36m

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    Ezra Levant: "I'm worried about Trudeau and Gould and even Andrew Scheer telling me I can’t make up my mind about things for myself — and that they will be the censors of the world."

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    Ezra Levant: This is a patently absurd idea. But it’s absolutely supported by Trudeau’s inner circle. Everybody loves this idea — the banks, academia, the media — except Canadian citizens. Which is probably why they’re not asking us about it — they’re telling us about it.

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    Ezra Levant: He has to pay each of the aestheticians $2,000 each for harassing them. That’s very, very rare in human rights land. Normally nuisance suits are unpunished, but this was so deeply damaging to human rights tribunals, that this was really about self-preservation. So that’s how it ends.