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Ezra Levant Show (Oct 23 2019) Politician wants to ban THIS mean word

Season 1 • 29m

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    Ezra Levant: "Across Canada people are thinking: the system is broken. It’s destroying Alberta, the engine of Canada. Maybe Alberta will leave before that happens."

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    Ezra Levant: If I had to predict, I’d predict a Liberal minority — I just don’t think Scheer and pull it off; the party has crumbled in Quebec, to the benefit of the Bloc Quebecois. So much for pandering to the dairy lobby.

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    Ezra Levant: Freedom of speech is the number one issue of our time — because without it, we can’t criticize any other issues in our society. And the political class — including Andrew Scheer — they don’t mind. They’ll have special protections, won’t they?