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ELS: Scheer endorses Trudeau’s plan to raise immigration - Oct 04 2019

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    Ezra Levant: TONIGHT I'll show you what I found, in CNN video, and at other media outlets. What I discovered is that the NYT photo was a lie. It’s hard to imagine a photo can lie. But it can.  You just can’t trust a word the mainstream media says — and you can’t even trust their photos, either.

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    Ezra Levant: "Trudeau is shaking down the social media companies. But I think they like it. It just gives them legal cover for a massive political purge that they want to do now, but couldn’t possibly justify."

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    Ezra Levant: "The Conservative party is pushing back, claiming a few things — and I’ve received dozens of e-mails from viewers echoing these Conservative excuses. And I want to rebut them, because they’re lying about David and us, and I think that’s wrong." GUEST Tommy Robinson