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Watch this video and more on Rebel News Premium

ELS October 8 2019: Rebel News vs Trudeau at Leaders Debate

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    Ezra Levant: We won! But first, I'll take you behind the scenes into the federal courthouse in Toronto, where we fought against Justin Trudeau's lawyers, for our right to cover tonight's English language Leaders' Debate.

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    Ezra Levant: "Hey, Conservatives — if you would have known this two years ago, would you have chosen him as party leader?" GUEST Lorne Gunter.

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    Ezra Levant: TONIGHT I'll show you what I found, in CNN video, and at other media outlets. What I discovered is that the NYT photo was a lie. It’s hard to imagine a photo can lie. But it can.  You just can’t trust a word the mainstream media says — and you can’t even trust their photos, either.